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BAM Condemns Politician Who Used Racial Slur Against National Women's Single Shuttler Kisona

It's appalling how we're already in 2021 and some people still think it's ok to use racial slurs against anyone. It's worse when a local politician had the audacity to use a racial slur against our national women's single shuttler Kisona Selvaduray.

The politician was spotted using a degrading "K-word" remark on Facebook when commenting on Kisona's performance during the recent 2021 Sudirman Cup championships. Although the post has since been deleted, and the politician has apologised and resigned for his actions, Malaysians are still furious and disgusted by the man's words.

Apart from netizens who were trending the hashtag #StandWithKisona to show support for the 23-year-old shuttler, the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has also spoken up to condemn the incident. "Such a dreadful remark is uncalled for, and we urge all Malaysians to condemn this senseless act."

MIC Youth also called for an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, the congress' youth wing secretary Andrew David has lodged a police report against said politician who spewed racist remarks.


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