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Balenciaga’s New PS5 Merch Is More Expensive Than The Actual Console

If you’re a diehard PlayStation fan who happens to have lots of money to spare, maybe this new fashion line will interest you. Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has teamed up with Sony to release a merchandise collection that specially features the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Now before you hypebeasts get too hyped up about this, you’d probably want to take a look at the photos of the merch first before you swipe your card. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was definitely something more than just a black and red t-shirt with the PS5 logo printed on it.

Credits: Balenciaga

The only thing to distinguish this exclusive shirt from the knockoff t-shirts you’d find at the pasar malam is the tiny Balenciaga logo printed on the sleeves of the shirt. One might argue that this alone would justify the $675 (RM2,786) price tag on the t-shirt. That’s right, this t-shirt is almost RM500 more expensive than the actual PS5 console with Ultra HD Blu-ray drive (RM2,299)!

Credits: Balenciaga

Well if you’re still not impressed with the t-shirt, Balenciaga also released a PS5-themed black hoodie which features an even bigger logo of the luxury brand. Naturally, a bigger logo means a greater price tag. But at $875 (RM3,612), I still don’t think it’s worth the price.

Credits: Balenciaga

The Balenciaga PlayStation collection is available on their website now if you want to check it out. What do you think about this collection?


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