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Baby Turtle Found Washed-Up On Thai Beach With 158 Pieces Of Plastic Trash In Stomach

Here’s a reminder to always dispose your trash properly at designated spots, and to NEVER throw garbage into the ocean, because this is what happens when you do that. A baby turtle that washed up on Phuket’s Kata Beach last month was found to have 158 pieces of garbage and plastic clogged up inside its tiny stomach and intestines.

The young green turtle was then taken to Sireetarn Marine Endangered Animals Rescue Centre for study and treatment, where X-ray results found the 3kg turtle, no bigger than a potato in size, to be suffering from intestinal obstruction due to the 60g worth of trash present inside its stomach.

Credits: VICE

Out of the trash found in the turtle, 57% were made up of plastic bags, 21% were thin plastic waste, 16% were hard plastics, while the remaining 6% contain traces of fabric with fibre and cloth straps. Veterinarians believe the turtle had most probably ingested these garbage in the polluted waters off the coast of Phuket.

Thanks to the help of rescuers, the baby turtle is safe and able to eat on its own now. But it is still weak and malnourished due to the overwhelming amount of trash that was clogged up in its tiny body for god knows how long. So please guys, let’s be responsible with our litter because our actions are indirectly harming innocent lives on this planet.


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