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Authorities Finally Fixed Giant Pothole After Man Goes “Fishing” And “Bathing&#822

Like in Malaysia, our neighbouring country Indonesia seemed to have some issues with unfixed potholes but thanks to a man’s witty move to “fish” and “shower” in it, the authorities finally took notice of the problem and proceeded to fix it.

But sadly, this giant pothole is just one of many in Central Lombok due to the heavy traffic in the area. Allegedly, they’d been neglected by officials for a fairly long time and had caused several accidents involving motorcyclists.

This prompted individuals to take matters into their own hands and attempt viral stunts in hopes of getting the attention of road authorities.

Among those individuals was a man named Amaq Ohan who decided to “shower” while another man named Rian Mahesa filmed him sitting fully clothed in the middle of one giant flooded pothole, shampooing his hair and scooping the muddy rain water to pour it over himself.

Had it not been for the motorcycles passing by behind him, you’d really think Ohan was having a nice bath at a river.

Another viral image showed Ohan “fishing” while sitting cross-legged on a chair in the middle of the flooded pothole, holding an umbrella and a fishing rod, in hopes of catching some non-existent fish, but more importantly, the attention of road authorities.

Credits: Mashable SEA

Luckily, Ohan’s plan worked and an official has since confirmed the start of the roadworks, but oddly dismissed claims by the locals that the work had begun too late.

“No such thing as ‘too late’,” said the official. “It’s clear that the authorities are working quickly to respond to the ideals and demands of the people.”

Perhaps it’s time for Malaysians to attempt similar viral stunts so the authorities can start fixing the thousands of potholes we have in our country, just sayin.


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