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ASUS Launches Gundam Themed Products and They Look AMAZING!

The beloved RX-78-2 is here and it is ready to game! Last week, ASUS Malaysia announced that they will be introducing a line of Gundam themed peripherals and true to their word, here it is today!

The items are actually available in two themes which are: EFSF and Zeon. Unfortunately for you Zeon lovers, you don’t have much options for your gear as there are only 4 items available in that theme as opposed to the EFSF which has 10.

Credits: ASUS

Credits: Mikeshouts

If you’re as excited as I am about these items, well you had better swipe them up fast. As it turns out, a lot of them are sold out despite them being for pre-order only. Though it is rather unsurprising given the limited availability of said items.

Personally, I am really looking forward to picking up the keyboard. It is a modified version of the ROG Strix Scope that is beloved by FPS gamers everywhere. Be careful though, with this new aesthetic, you might find yourself admiring the keyboard more than actually focusing on your game.

Here is the full list of items with pricing and you can purchase them here!

ASUS Gundam Edition

  1. ROG Strix RTX 3080 Graphics Card: RM 6,460

  2. ROG Strix XG279Q-G Gaming Monitor: RM 3,288

  3. ROG Strix Helios Mid-Tower Gaming Case: RM 1,605

  4. ROG Strix LC 360 AIO Cooler: RM 1,319

  5. RT-AX82U Gaming Router: RM 1,282

  6. ROG Strix 850W Power Supply: RM 1,100

  7. ROG Delta Gaming Headset: RM 839

  8. ROG Strix Scope TKL Gaming Keyboard: RM 695

  9. ROG Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse: RM 239

  10. ROG Sheath Gaming Mousepad: RM 239

ASUS Zaku II Edtion

  1. TUF Gaming VG27AQGL1A Gaming Monitor: RM 2,266

  2. RT-AX86U Gaming Router: RM 1,666

  3. TUF Gaming B550M (WI-FI) Motherboard: RM 935

  4. TUF Gaming GT301 Case: RM 505


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