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Aquaria KLCC Is Getting New Animals Thanks To Animal Exchange Programme With Sea Life Malaysia

Living in Malaysia, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful islands with marine sanctuary parks where visitors can marvel and learn about various aquatic species. With that said, the pandemic can make it difficult for us to travel right now, but thankfully we can still visit some public aquariums that are known to house tons of marine animals of their own.

And in case you’ve grown bored of seeing the same animals at the same aquarium, don’t worry because Sea Life Malaysia at Legoland Johor and Aquaria KLCC are working on an animal exchange programme to conserve aquatic species for future generations.

The marine sanctuary in Johor recently exchanged 20 of its newly hatched pot-bellied seahorse fry (1 day old) and eight juveniles (30 to 40 days old) for Aquaria KLCC’s freshwater fish, which consists of 10 hampala barb and two striped carp, the latter of which is considered as an endangered species.

Jullien’s Golden Carp aka Striped Carp

While the pot-bellied seahorse is not necessarily threatened with extinction, it is classified under the CITES Appendix II, which means trade must be controlled to prevent further harm to the species. Among the possible threats to the pot-bellied seahorse population are caused by overfishing and habitat loss.

But thanks to Sea Life sanctuaries’ global initiative, Sea Life Malaysia has managed to breed around 50 pot-bellied seahorses, two blue spotted rays and 14 epaulette sharks under the Breed, Rescue, and Protect (BRP) Programme since May 2019.

Both Sea Life Malaysia manager Kristian Griffin and Aquaria KLCC curator Andrew Lee have said they look forward to more animal exchanges in the future to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation.


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