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Apple Watch Saves Man's Life In Hit-&-Run By Auto-Dialing Ambulance After Detecting Hard Fall

Credits: Mothership SG

We've finally reached a point in time where it's not an exaggeration to say that a technological device can literally save our lives. A 24-year-old man in Singapore managed to escape death after a hit-and-run accident, all thanks to his smartwatch.

The man, Muhammad Fitri, was riding his motorbike when he collided with a van, causing him to fall on the ground and lose his consciousness. Unfortunately, the incident happened at a relatively empty street at that time, so it would take a while for a passerby to notice the scene and call for help.

But luckily, Fitri was wearing his Apple Watch that managed to detect a hard fall, and proceed to alert his emergency contacts, which included his girlfriend and family members, about the incident. The smartwatch also immediately called for an ambulance that arrived just in time to help Fitri.

It was only later that Fitri's girlfriend and family found out that it had been the smartwatch that contacted them. Had it not been for the Apple Watch's feature, Fitri may have missed the golden hour of rescue.

Apple Watch models under Series 4 or later are said to be able to detect hard falls. When a fall in detected, the watch will tap the user's wrist, and proceed to sound an alarm. If the user remains unresponsive for one minute, the watch will then alert the emergency contacts and call for ambulance services.


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