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Apple’s New Feature Will Alert Users If They Are Being Stalked

Apple has announced a new ‘Item Safety Alert’ feature for its Find My apps to warn users in case their movements are being tracked.

This update comes after the news about the potential release of Apple’s rumoured AirTags, which are basically small tracking devices that can be attached to items like wallet or keys to help you track their location using the Find My app.

Credits: MacRumours

AirTags are also said to be able to track your child or pet’s movements, but this also causes concerns that the product could be misused to stalk someone.

Apple’s new Item Safety Alert feature is designed to prevent this from happening. So in the unfortunate event where someone secretly places a device on you to track your movements via the Find My app, you would be able to receive an alert about it on your mobile device.

Although this feature does not completely prevent people from attaching a tracking device on you, receiving the alert about a potential stalker would be able to help you identify and disable the device before reporting to the authorities about it.

The Items Safety Alert can also be turned off in settings but doing so would mean that you will no longer receive notifications when an unknown device is found to be moving with you, which would allow the person who put the device on you to track your location.


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