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Apple’s Latest Update Lets You Add Virtual Lasers And Confetti To Your Videos

With the new Apple update, you can now add augmented-reality lasers, confetti, and more to your Clips videos to spice it up. The feature is called AR Spaces and it is only available with Apple devices that are equipped with LIDAR, which generally means any Apple phone or iPad from 2020 onwards.

Some of the effects present with the new feature are:

  1. Prism: Ribbons of rainbow light scan the walls, floors, and objects in a room;

  2. Confetti: Celebratory bursts of confetti fall and accumulate on flat surfaces;

  3. Disco: Shining lights reflect off a disco ball that hangs from the ceiling of the space;

  4. Dance Floor: Colorful tiles of light dance in patterns across the floor;

  5. Sparkles: Golden sparkle emoji and white glitter fill the space;

  6. Stardust: Trails of starlight encircle and follow a person in the video;

  7. Hearts: Floating heart balloons bubble up within the space.

According to Apple themselves, the AR Spaces effects will work in cohorts with the other effects that are pre-existing in clips, such as the animated stickers and emojis. The update to the app will be available for the App Store as of now.

Credits: Apple

This new feature marks Apple’s latest experiment with AR and it certainly won’t be the last. The tech giant has demonstrated a keen interest in AR which leads many fans to believe that Apple’s next big release will be a AR goggles or something in that nature.


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