• Jonathan Shiek

Apple’s First VR Headset Made Available In 2022, But It Won’t Be Cheap

Apple finally jumped onto the VR bandwagon and everyone is so excited to see what’s in store for them. UNTIL, you find out that it is going to be high-end and niche. We don’t know the exact price yet but reports say that the first VR headset from Apple will likely be more expensive than other rival VR headsets. On top of that, the VR headsets may also be sold “one headset per day per retail store”. That’s pretty exclusive.

The VR headset itself is reportedly set to include Apple’s most advanced chip that will feature higher resolution than headsets from Oculus or HTC. Apple is trying to design something that fits much closer to the user’s face, which ultimately shrinks the size of the device but this can impact users who wear glasses which wouldn’t have enough space. The solution to that would be to develop a system where owners will be able to insert a custom prescription lens into the VR headset, but this would also mean getting additional government regulations.

Source: IGN


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