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Apple Pays Student Millions After Her Nudes Were Leaked By Apple Technicians During iPhone Repair

Apple was recently revealed to have paid a university student millions of dollars in settlement after several explicit photos and videos of her were uploaded online by two of the company’s repair technicians.

The incident happened in 2016 when the girl, who was then 21 years old, had sent her iPhone for repair at Pegatron Technology Service, a major Apple repair centre in California. Unbeknownst to her, while her phone was left at the repair centre, the two technicians decided to access it to upload nude photos and videos of her on her Facebook account.

According to The Telegraph, the explicit content consists of “10 photos of her in various stages of undress and a sex video”, which were uploaded in a way that made it seem like the girl was the one who was posting them online. The content was deleted once the victim’s friends alerted her of what had happened.

Credits: Patently Apple

But still, the damage was done, and the girl decided to take legal action by filing a lawsuit against Apple for causing her “severe emotional distress”. She had reportedly demanded $5 million in the lawsuit, though the exact size of the settlement was not disclosed. The “multimillion-dollar” settlement also includes a confidentiality provision that prevents further discussion of the case or the amount paid.

However, the incident was revealed when Pegatron was engaged in another lawsuit with its insurers, who refused to pay out for the settlement amount that Pegatron had reimbursed Apple. Although Apple wasn’t directly identified, they confirmed the incident when asked about it.

The tech company was then forced to conduct an exhaustive investigation which resulted in the two technicians being fired. “When we learned of this egregious violation of our policies at one of our vendors in 2016, we took immediate action and have since continued to strengthen our vendor protocols,” said an Apple’s spokesperson.


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