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Apple Featured Self-Taught Malaysian Photographer's Photo On Its Instagram Account

Credit: Instagram @houwahling

What a way to start the New Year, a Malaysian teen and self-taught photographer Ling Hou Wah's photo was featured on Apple's official Instagram account on 1 January 2022. The caption reads, Take a step back and look at the big picture."

The account that boasts over 27 million followers quoted Ling for the rest of the caption, "This is the view from the top of an observation tower. The pier was right in front of us and I saw this girl sitting alone, overlooking the whole lake. It was a lost and peaceful feeling."

According to Ling, the featured photo was taken on 10 January 2021 at Kepong Metropolitan Park, KL. He took the breathtaking photo with his iPhone 12 Pro Max and edited it with Adobe Lightroom. "I believe the person in the photo was part of a group taking wedding photos at the pier. I wanted to achieve a minimalist shot so I decided to just focus on the person looking at the water. For me, the picture is about the sense of calmness," he told LifestyleTech.

The 17-year-old secondary school student started developing an interest in photography back in November 2018, learning most of his skills from online blogs while sharing that his favourite photographer is Patrick Heart.

Check out more of his work on his Instagram ( @houwahling )!


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