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Anti-Vaxxer Slammed For Trying ‘Social Experiment’ To Dine-In Without Being Vaccinated

The government recently announced the easing of Covid-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals, allowing them to dine-in, exercise and carry out other activities, so long as they abide by the SOPs and show proof of their vaccination status.

But this did not sit well with the anti-vaxxers, one of whom in particular decided to conduct a “social experiment” to see if she could get away with all these activities, without being vaccinated at all. Sadly, her “hypothesis” was true and the woman was able to enter various business premises without showing her vaccination card.

In a Facebook post, the woman revealed how she was able to enter places like 7-Eleven, Speedmart, and Pizza Hut where she wasn’t asked to show proof of her vaccination status. She also mentioned how her husband tried the same trick with barber shops, though he was turned down from two shops before reaching one that did not ask to see his vaccination card.

“The barbers who chased him out were not interested in money because they’re too rich. The barber who didn’t ask for proof of vaccination was genuinely trying to make money. So we should only support those who really want to make money,” the woman wrote.

That’s not all, the woman even proudly showed off how her entire family, including a young child, were able to dine-in at a restaurant even without being vaccinated, saying “nothing is impossible”. The comments under her post were equally horrifying as many users also revealed how they were able to bypass all these restrictions despite not being vaccinated.

The woman’s Facebook post was since shared on Twitter, where many netizens slammed the anti-vaxxers’ selfish behaviour, while some users also demanded the police to take stricter actions against these individuals.


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