Anti-Vax Nurse May Have Injected 8,500 People With Salt Water Instead Of Vaccines On Purpose

Imagine being an anti-vax when you’re a nurse, and worst still, imagine giving fake vaccines to innocent people all because of your ignorant personal beliefs. A nurse in Germany is now facing the wrath of the public after she was suspected of injected at least 8,500 people with saline solution instead of Covid-19 vaccines.

Although injecting a small amount of salt water into the body is generally safe, what’s dangerous is the fact that many people would be under the impression that they’re protected from the virus after being vaccinated, but they’re not. What’s worse is that majority of the nurse’s suspected patients were elderly citizens who have now been urged by authorities to re-register for another proper vaccination.

The 40-year-old nurse initially admitted to injecting six people with salt water back in April, but she tried to justify her actions by saying it was because the real vaccine vials were broken after she dropped them on the ground. Unfortunately, further investigations revealed that the nurse’s irresponsible actions may have affected many, many more people, most of whom were probably still unaware of their condition.

But even after she was arrested, the nurse still refuses to cooperate with the authorities while her lawyers are insisting that the number of victims involved were much less than the thousands authorities are suspecting.

However, the authorities are not taking any chances. They are also not ruling out the nurse’s motives to be politically-driven, especially since she was found to have been condemning the government’s handling of the pandemic, and sharing anti-vaccine content on her social media pages.


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