• Jonathan Shiek

And Cambridge’s 2020 word of the year is….

“Quarantine” has been named the 2020 Word of the Year by Cambridge Dictionary.

Cambridge Dictionary said its data shows it was one of the most highly searched words on its website this year.

Cambridge Dictionary publishing manager Wendalyn Nichols said users have been searching for words related to the social and economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The largest spike in searches was seen in the week of March 18-24, when many countries around the world went into lockdown as a result of Covid-19, said the publisher.

“The Cambridge Dictionary editors have also tracked how people are using ‘quarantine’, and have discovered a new meaning emerging: ‘a general period of time in which people are not allowed to leave their homes or travel freely, so that they do not catch or spread a disease’, ” it added.

Source: The Star Online

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