• Jonathan Shiek

An Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Is Currently Being Developed

Early clinical trials are now underway for a new type of COVID-19 vaccine that you can consume orally. According to Oravax – a joint venture created by Israeli-American company Oramed and Indian company Premas Biotech, testing the new vaccine on humans can start as early as June 2021.

That said, the tests which are currently being conducted are still preliminary and it may take ample time before the oral vaccine is approved for mass human consumption. That is IF the vaccine gets cleared.

In a response to get further public and governmental approval for the oral vaccine, Nadav Kidron, CEO of Oramed stated that “the oral vaccine could potentially allow people to vaccinate themselves in the comfort of their own home, and such a vaccine could be shipped in normal refrigerators and stored at room temperatures, making it easier in terms of long-distance distribution.”

Despite the doubts that many have regarding the development of the oral vaccine, the development of such a vaccine paves the way for the research and development (R&D) for a wave of “second-generation” vaccines which could potentially be more efficient, accessible, and easier to distribute.


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