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An Essential Guide To DIY Haircut Tips For Men During Lockdown

Remember how so many men emerged from lockdown last year looking like Tarzan with their long and for some, unruly hair. Since we’re in lockdown again and who knows how long this one is going to last, why not DIY that haircut at home?

If you haven’t had any experience with cutting your own hair, don’t worry because here’s all you need to know about how to give yourself a quick and easy haircut.

1. Choose a hairstyle

This is self-explanatory. Scroll through Pinterest, flip through magazines, decide on a hairstyle you want to rock before you make the first cut.

2. Get a good hair clipper

This is extremely important, don’t just use a random pair of scissors you have lying around at home. Although a good hair clipper may be a little expensive (it can cost anywhere between RM70 to RM200), it’s definitely an essential investment if you wish to achieve a decent haircut.

3. Set up two mirrors

There’s nothing worse than cutting your hair blindly with no idea what’s happening behind your back, literally. To avoid a disaster haircut, make sure you’re situated in front of a wall-mounted mirror while holding up a second mirror so you’ll be aware of what you’re cutting.

4. Be well prepared

Choose a well-lit area that’s relatively spacious so you can lay out some old newspapers or plastic covers on the ground to contain your loose hair, which you can easily sweep up with a broom when you’re done. If you’re planning to cut your hair in the bathroom, make sure the floor is dry so your loose hair wouldn’t stick to the wet surface.

5. Damp your hair and start cutting

Apart from your clippers, scissors, mirrors and comb, another good thing to have during your DIY haircut is a spray bottle filled with water. This will help to dampen your hair, making it easier to hold and manage when you’re trying to cut it.

And unless you’re really confident with your haircut skills, try to do it while standing up, and stick with the clippers because most of the time, a decent clipper is good enough to do the trick.

Alright guys, you’re all set for your DIY haircut, let us know how it goes if you ever attempt it!


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