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Among Us Launches New Airship Map On 31 March

I remember writing an article mentioning that Among Us developers released details on a possible new map that will be launched some time this year, but it’s been SO LONG. The wait is finally over, InnerSloth says that the Airship map will be available for gamers 31 March onwards as part of a free update!

The new update will be including a “preliminary” account system to help with moderation. “A proper moderation system is one that is extremely difficult and time consuming,” the studio said. “It is not as easy as just having a ‘report’ button and having an algorithm ban someone after a certain number of reports.”

📢 MARCH 31 📢#TheAirship is coming. this NEW map is our biggest one yet, including: • all new tasks • different starting rooms • preliminary account system • more!!! wake up ur crew it's almost time to eject impostors 🗞️ Dev log: — Among Us ✨ New map – MARCH 31 (@AmongUsGame) March 18, 2021

Another exciting update that InnerSloth teased is that there may be new free hats! (Honestly really enjoyed the Halloween ones) If you didn’t know, Among Us was first released in 2018, but blew up last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The game gotten so much hype that developer InnerSloth decided to cancel the sequel to the game just to focus on the original version.

I can’t wait to see PewDiePie, Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and all the other Among Us gamers play this new map!

You can get the game on PC, iOS, Android, and Switch right now, while Xbox port may be joining in sometime this year.


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