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Among Us Is Getting A Virtual Reality Adaptation With A First-Person 3D Experience

Credit Sportskeeda

Remember Among Us? It was made popular when the pandemic first hit worldwide in late 2019, but slowly died down when countries began to slowly ease restrictions. Sadly, because of its repetitive maps and game play, streamers and gamers stopped playing the social deception game.

However, Among Us will be getting a virtual reality (VR) adaptation that will be developed by Schell Games and to be launched on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, and Steam VR. The VR edition is part of a partnership with Robot Teddy, which will be overseeing the game's jump to new platforms.

What's different about the VR game is that it will be a first-person 3D experience instead of a third-person 2D gameplay. In the short trailer, it shows a player interacting with a keypad in a 3D room before getting attacked by the imposter. Currently, there are no release dates for the game, but the trailer to the VR edition debuted at the 2021 Game Awards.

Meanwhile, Among Us will be getting an Xbox and PlayStation release on 14 December. Will you be interested in the VR adaptation of Among Us?


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