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‘Among Us’ Crewmate-Shaped Nugget In McD BTS Meal Is Being Auctioned For Over RM200k

While some people are trying to resell their empty McDonald’s BTS food packaging for as much as RM60 online, one lucky fan is making over $50,000 (RM206,000) from their meal, all because they got a chicken nugget that was shaped like a Crewmate in popular game ‘Among Us’.

The nugget was first posted on eBay on 28 May. In less than a week’s time, there were more than 150 people who were interested in the special nugget, which drove the bidding price up to $69,520 (RM286,00)!

Credits: Hype MY

However, the nugget is only expected to last for 14 days, which is why the seller is planning to ship the snack to the winning bidder immediately as soon as the auction ends. In order to ensure its “freshness”, the nugget will also be packed with airtight packaging and shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS) first class shipping service.

The lucky buyer will not only receive the special Crewmate nugget with their purchase, they can also request for the legendary Szechuan Sauce. Though with that price, I think they can definitely ask for something more than just a box of sauce.

The auction is expected to end at 3.06pm today, how much do you think the nugget can be sold for?


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