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America’s Centre For Disease Control Encourages Double Masking, This Is What You Should Know

Heads up everyone, America’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) encourages the practice of Double Masking and our Health Ministry urges Malaysians to start practicing this as well. Why double mask? CDC’s research on the subject is said to substantially reduce exposure to Covid-19, it provides up to 85.4% of protection compared to 56.1% when wearing a single surgical mask.

CDC also offered more research data by comparing a cloth mask and a knot/ tucked surgical mask. A cloth mask alone offers 51.4% of protection while a knot and tucked surgical mask offers about 77% protection to the wearer. Meanwhile, the N95 masks can filter up to 95% of particles, so double masking is not required.

“While wearing two face masks can make breathing slightly more difficult but generally, the use of a three-ply surgical mask with a cloth face mask can be worn by most users and does not reduce oxygen supply to them,” MOH clarified.

Here are the tips on how to double mask:

Credit: KPKesihatan

Credit: KPKesihatan

Credit: KPKesihatan

With all these information from our MOH and the CDC, will you start double masking?


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