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Amazon Is Selling Chinese Urinals As Classy Food Holders

In this age of political correctness, the term ‘cultural appropriation’ might seem to be a little overused. But this news is guaranteed to bring your understanding of cultural appropriation to a whole other level.

Chinese netizens have recently discovered a product that was listed on Amazon as a ‘1960s Chinese traditional fruit basket, Chinese antique kitchen and dining table decoration enamel bowl and a fruit/vegetables/produce basket rack display stand’.

It seems like a perfectly useful, multipurpose decorative item until you realise that the product in question is actually a Chinese chamber pot. That’s right, what Amazon thinks as a food holder now was once used by some of our ancestors for spitting and urinating.

Credits: SAYS

The product description even claims that the ‘antique fruit basket’ can double as a ‘housewarming gift for elegant weddings’ or a ‘fashion accessory for kitchens and dining tables’ – yikes.

To make matters worse, the spittoon is priced at a whopping CDN68.45 (RM220), whereas on Shopee, you can get it for as low as RM65, except you might have to search for a urinal instead of antique fruit basket to get this product.

Luckily, unlike most cultural appropriation cases where people feel angry about the lack of cultural awareness, most Asians across social media are thoroughly amused and entertained by the irony of this situation.

OOOIII TU TEMPAT ORANG CINA DULU DULU BERAK LAH 🤣🤣🤣 — Belajar Mandarinjer Online (@mandarinjer) February 23, 2021
A friend sent me this image. A powerful warning against cultural appropriation. — Soon-Tzu Speechley 孫子 (@speechleyish) February 22, 2021


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