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All You Need To Know About Menstrual Discs

Why is it every time we talk about women’s health especially regarding menstrual health, we get a little shy and awkward? It is the 21st century, let’s be more educated about the coochie!

What are menstrual discs you ask? Even as a woman, I wasn’t too sure about it until reading up a couple of articles. These menstrual discs are supposed to be tucked between the space behind your cervix and your pubic bone. It is worn internally and has to be changed out every 12 hours. It is wedged perfectly by your body’s anatomy like a menstrual cup, so don’t worry about it shifting about too much.

The benefits are endless, but from what I can pick out from the list would be: it’s way more comfortable than a tampon, there are reusable options, and users will still be able to enjoy penetrative sex while wearing them (wow). Initially, menstrual discs are a tad bit intimidating but you’ll slowly get used to it. Unlike the menstrual cup, it’s shallow and wide.

Inserting the disc is a little similar to a tampon without an applicator. You use your finger to push it up until the back of the disc is behind your cervix, then tilt the front of the disc up to set it in place behind your pubic bone. Ta-da!

As a Malaysian, it’s a little tough finding a place that sells menstrual discs but here are a couple of options if you’re willing to pay for shipping: Nixit, Lumma, Intimina. It is honestly such a good investment besides menstrual cups!

I don’t like tampons cuz they can hurt if they aren’t in far enough, & you can always feel them. I like menstrual discs, they sit where you can’t feel them. (If tampons do hurt, talk to your doctor, if they are uncomfortable it may be cuz you aren’t getting them in all the way) — Elise✨ (@el5ise) August 1, 2020

Source: Mashable

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