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All Ministers And Deputy Ministers To Not Receive Salaries For 3 Months From June 2021 Onwards

We’ve been seeing Malaysian netizens share and retweet news of prime ministers and ministers of other countries taking a pay cut to help sustain their country, but for some reason there were no actions done in our own country even though citizens are losing jobs and sectors are starting to lose money one by one.

POTONG GAJI MENTERI RT jika setuju, like jika setuju, komen jika setuju — Laga Cawan 🤚🏻 (@LagaCawan) May 30, 2021
Babe tak nak try ke? @MuhyiddinYassin — Izzu Koo (@izzudinshahrom) May 28, 2021

Finally, in a live announcement yesterday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin introduced the PEMERKASA+ programme with RM40billion intended to aid Malaysians. He added that every minister and deputy minister will not be receiving their salaries for 3 months from June 2021 onwards, as a sign of solidarity. This pay cut will apparently be channeled into the Disaster Trust Account to fund Covid-19 expenditures.

What do you think about the pay cut for ministers and deputy ministers? Will this help out the situation in Malaysia, even by a little?


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