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All Instagram Users Will Be Able To Post Links On Their IG Stories Soon

According to an announcement by Instagram, the social media platform will be extending the ability to post links to Instagram Stories with all users. Previously, only users who are verified on the platform or have a certain amount of followers can share links to their IG stories.

Links being shared on IG stories was also updated, it is no longer a 'swipe up' feature, but a sticker feature that allows you to tap on the link. First, you'll have to capture or upload content to your story as usual then select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar and tap the "Link" sticker to add a link. You'll then place the sticker on your story like any other sticker, users can even change the colour based on your preference.

Instagram mentioned that they will soon be implementing ways to customise the link in the future, to make things simpler for other people to check out the link that you shared. However, we're not too sure when users will be able to access the updated feature that will be extended to everyone.


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