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Airbnb Is Paying 12 Individuals To Stay At Any Of Their Listings For 10 Months

Having spent this entire year stuck in lockdown, I’m sure many of us would do anything to be able to travel again, but with what money right? What if I tell you Airbnb is ready to offer you the chance to travel and live in any of their listings across the world for 10 months, all expenses paid!

The travel accommodation company has launched the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” programme to conduct a market research that’s tailored towards an increasingly popular clientele – digital nomads. FYI, digital nomads are basically people who use telecommunications technologies to make a living while working remotely and living a nomadic lifestyle.

In order to receive genuine feedback for their research, Airbnb is looking for a diverse group of people to live and work remotely at any of their listings for free. Each participant will be given up to US$48,000 (RM198,552) in Airbnb credits, which will be used to pay for accommodation costs. You’ll also receive an additional US$12,000 (RM49,638) to cover your transportation costs.

The best part is, you can bring up to three companions with you on the trip! But don’t think this is all play and no work, because on top of your regular work schedule, you’ll be required to make audio or written journals to describe your experience living and working at the listing.

You’ll also have to attend weekly video calls with Airbnb’s research, product, and design team to provide them with your feedback. But even with all these workload on the table, it still sounds like an amazing deal!

And in case you’re worried about traveling to a different country during a pandemic, Airbnb can assure that you’ll only need to stay at a listing in a country with manageable COVID-19 conditions. Sounds good? Here’s how you can apply!

Applicants will need to be at least 18 years old, and currently living in one of these countries:

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada excluding the Province of Quebec, Chile, mainland China, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, and the US.

For more information about the Live Anywhere on Airbnb programme, visit Airbnb’s website here. May the odds be ever in your favour!


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