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AirAsia Digital Now Experimenting With Drone Deliveries

Drone delivery has been in conversation since drones first became popular back in 2015. Although this concept may be something that you’d expect in the distant future, you may be shocked to hear that we may be getting drone deliveries very soon.

We can thank AirAsia Digital for this little peek into the future. As it turns out, AirAsia Digital has announced their collaboration with Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) to launch the Urban Drone Delivery Sandbox. The aim of this initiative is to explore the long-term viability of an urban drone delivery service in Malaysia. Odds are, Cyberjaya may be the first to experience this service upon launch.

The tests are currently being done at a government test site in Cyberjaya and will run for a duration of 6-months through various phases, with two local drone operators at the helm from VStream Revolution Sdn Bhd and Meraque Services Sdn Bhd.

The first phase of the Urban Drone Delivery Sandbox will assess the capability, experience, approval process, deployment readiness and service expansion of the drone operators. Should the trials yield successful results, the service will be deployed and might be expanded beyond the sandbox environment.


Though this is by no means the first use of drones in a commercial setting, as Amazon has beat everyone to the punch and Singapore has claimed the crown as the first to introduce commercial drone use in South East Asia. That said, this is still an impressive feat for Malaysia and one step closer towards becoming a more tech-oriented society

What do you think about this new project? Will it take off in Malaysia?


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