• Jonathan Shiek

Air Pollution May Influence Covid-19 Transmissions

Bad news guys, the haze that happens annually in Malaysia may influence Covid-19 transmissions and not in a good way. Experts said that air pollution have adverse effects on patients recovering from the coronavirus.

Professor Dr G. Jayakumar of Melaka Manipal Medical College’s Community and Occupational Medicine mentioned that researches indicate that exposure to air pollution, especially nitrous oxide and fine particles might increase the susceptibility to infection and death from Covid-19. He added that special attention should be given to those in poor communities, homeless, migrant workers, and elderly with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Meteorological Department had earlier cautioned that the hot spell, which is expected to last until April, could trigger haze, drought, forest fires, and reduction in dam water levels. Universiti Selangor visiting professor of Environmental Health Dr Jamal Hisham Hashim said that “PM2.5 in haze can penetrate deep into the alveolar region of the lungs. Pneumonia due to severe Covid-19 also attacks the same region of the lungs, the lower respiratory tract.”

With that said, everyone please stay indoors and hydrated as much as possible!


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