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Ain Husniza's Father Lodges Police Report Over Student For Posting Explicit Fantasies About Her

Recently, Ain Husniza's father, Saiful Nizam shared on Twitter disturbing screenshots of Tumblr posts from Ain's former classmate. The Tumblr screenshots showed sexual fantasies involving Ain and other female classmates.

Saiful Nizam's post on Twitter reads, “These kids who are now teenagers are easily influenced by their surroundings if their identity is not strong enough. Whatever is around, they quickly use as an example whether consciously or not, whether good or bad.”

The sexual fantasy story included a picture of Ain, comments on her body, and very explicit account of how the perpetrator would sexually assault her and impregnate her. Meanwhile, her other former female classmate was also written about in a detailed sexual fantasy, stating that he would make the girl his personal sex slave, assault her, and charge a fee to anyone who wanted to do whatever they wanted to the girl.

“Everyone should read it, think about it and imagine if your child was doing things like this to other children. It’s not just Ain who was written about, her female friends were also impacted,” Ain's father added.

That's not all, the perpetrator wrote another post on Tumblr on how he wanted to sexually assault the girl and impregnate her. Saiful lodged a police report over the matter, and has since identified the perpetrator that confessed to his actions.

In Saiful's post, he added that no arrest has been made yet, but the case is still being investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 233. “This is what Ain and I continue to fight for. Children at school are being threatened by their own friends, schoolmates and classmates. What kind of education are we instilling into our children and students? We need to fix all this from now on."


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