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After Selling Her Violin, Clothes & iPhone, Single Mum Is Desperate For Money To Feed Her Family

One of the most heartbreaking parts of this pandemic is how it ruthlessly robbed so many people of their jobs, leaving them helpless with no money to get by. Endang Hyder was a professional violinist who used to perform around the world until live performances were banned. Since then, she has been struggling to feed her family

“My family used to live comfortably before the first lockdown. Back then, I was also a public performer,” said Endang, adding that she used to perform in 10 to 12 events every month. The 35-year-old single mother currently lives with her parents and three kids in Kampar, Perak.

Endang was optimistic in the beginning, determined to use her savings to support her family for a few months until lockdown ended. Sadly, the lockdowns never quite ended. And with her parents’ medical bills and household expenses piling up, Endang’s savings almost ran out in just a few weeks. To make things worse, most of her 42 violin students ended up dropping out eventually.

Out of options, Endang was forced to sell one of her treasured violins on Twitter just to afford a good wheelchair for her double-amputee father. Since then, Endang has also sold her clothes, computer and iPhone. Luckily, her neighbour was kind enough to offer her a new phone after hearing about her situation. Endang also baked cakes, cleaned houses and even picked fruits at one point. “If there was any job, I was willing to do it,” she admitted.

These days, Endang is relying on tips from viewers who watch her violin performances on YouTube to get by. But even then, the income is inconsistent and on many days, non-existent. On top of that, Endang is also suffering from burnout, saying “I really am short on ideas of how to get through tomorrow.”

Right now, Endang’s main goal is to support her family and also to be able to travel to Indonesia where a recording studio can record two singles for her. “I hope someone can help me go through the proper channels so that I can go to Indonesia and record the songs. That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment.”

If you wish to help Endang, do check out her YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe and leave a tip if you can. You can also reach out to her via Twitter to help out.


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