• Jonathan Shiek

Adidas Releases New Kicks That Can Be Customized With LEGO Bricks

Long has the world been plagued by the excruciatingly painful act of stepping on a LEGO brick. We have all done it and we know it to be an exceptionally unpleasant experience. So you can probably understand the shock I felt when I heard that Adidas is making their new shoes out of LEGO’s.

Credits: Adidas (Facebook)

Introducing the Adidas Ultraboost DNA X LEGO Plates running shoes. Yes these are the new kicks by Adidas that are made out of LEGO’s. The Ultraboost is perhaps one of Adidas’ most iconic and comfortable shoes on the market so it probably made the most sense to launch a collab with LEGO with the Ultraboost line.

The new customisable Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates running shoes. LEGO Plates included.#adidasxLEGO — LEGO (@LEGO_Group) April 7, 2021

Thankfully the interior of the shoe is not made out of actual LEGO bricks otherwise I might just chalk this one up to a late April Fool’s prank. All jokes aside, the shoes do actually look like something that’s ‘cop-worthy’ The Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates features transparent plastic slots on the side in the shape of flat two-by-six Lego plates which are big enough to fit three two-by-two Lego plates in each stripe.

Credits: Adidas (Facebook)

The shoes also features some iconic LEGO imagery such as the logo on the tongue of the shoe and brick-style imagery on the top and sole of the shoes. The shoes also come with their own collection of bricks that is in the same color scheme as the shoes but you can always swap them out for your own thus allowing for all sorts of wacky customizations.

This certainly is by no means an original Adidas idea as the entire concept smells a little like the Crocs Jibbitz charms which allows the wearer to personalize their crocs but let’s be real here, nobody even wears crocs. Therefore, if you are looking for a fashionable and comfortable pair of kicks to rock, the Ultraboost DNA X LEGO Plates is waiting for you at the cost of RM800 – RM1000.


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