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Acne In Certain Areas Can Indicate Underlying Health Problems

Whenever you get long periods of breakout on your skin, we often associate it with clogged pores or hormonal imbalances. However, sometimes it could mean more than just a mere acne breakout. Acne in certain areas can actually indicate underlying health problems, it is called face mapping.

Face mapping is an alternative-medicine practice of examining the location of acne on the face to determine health problems. But just keep in mind that face mapping is not exactly science, it can help tell you a little something about your health, but it may not be accurate.

“There are lots of causes to acne, and many people don’t realize that internal factors—from how much you sleep to the air you breathe—can affect your complexion,” Dr. Roshini Raj, a certified gastroenterologist and co-founder of skincare line TULA said.

Breakouts on the forehead are often caused by stress and poor digestive issues which can also be triggered by topical factors like hats or hair sticking to the forehead. Dr. Raj mentioned that having at least 7 hours of sleep, drinking loads of water, eating a well-balanced diet, and minimizing friction on the forehead area can help reduce acne.

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Moving on, acne on the top of the cheek is apparently associated with the respiratory system, while lower cheek acne is linked to poor oral hygiene and surface bacteria. To reduce getting acne at those areas, Dr. Raj recommends to clean items that regularly come into contact with the cheek, like phones, makeup brushes, and pillowcases.

Acne located in the T-zone area are often triggered by gastrointestinal imbalances or food allergens. Acne on the nose is linked to your liver and kidney, which means a flushed noise or acne could signify high blood pressure or liver dysfunction. Dr. Raj recommends reducing dairy, red meat, and fast food and replace them with more leafy greens to improve your T-zone complexion.

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If you get breakouts on your chin area, it is caused by hormonal imbalances. Opt to have a regular sleeping schedule and healthier diet while drinking spearmint tea and taking Omega-3 supplements. For back, arms, and thigh acne, they are often caused by hormonal fluctuations and genetics. Take precaution on the type of clothes you wear, as it can also contribute to irritation on the skin and generate breakouts.

Do you believe in face-mapping? Is this list accurate to your skin condition?


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