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A Study Conducted By Wasabi-Making Company Claims Rubbing Wasabi On Scalp Helps Hair Growth

In a 2017 study conducted and published by a wasabi-making company Kinin, it showed that wasabi actually contains isosaponarin, which is a chemical that promotes hair growth. The isosaponarin works by awakening and stimulating papilla cells found in the human scalp to respond to external stimuli.

Isosaponarin was shown to boost the production of human collagen, which was also believed to be up to 3 times more effective at preventing hair loss compared to other treatments available. On top of that, wasabi also contains another chemical called the 6-MSITC that can potentially help reduce hair loss. The chemical has also been shown to block the growth of breast cancer cells!

However, hair growth won't just happen if you use any old tube or packed of wasabi you get from a convenience store, it has to be freshly grated wasabi which may come at a premium if you check around for prices. For those who want to fix their receding hairlines, it wouldn't hurt to rub wasabi directly on the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

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