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A New Malaysian-Made Game Lets You Hit Your Crazy Co-Workers And Shoot Your Evil Bosses With Emails

We’ve all been through stressful times at work or even at school, which is why we all need to play this new Malaysian-made indie game called The Company Man. The 2D game is a side-scrolling, action-adventure game where you’ll be able to use a keyboard to attack your crazy co-workers and shoot emails at your evil bosses! You end goal is to survive all the work life challenges and achieve your ambition of being the CEO.

Credit: Steam

Credit: Steam

The Malaysian-made game is developed by Forust, a Malaysian indie game studio. Malaysia Boleh! Rather than release your stress IRL, you’ll be able to release tension in The Company Man, from air-conditioned ice lands of accounting, to mountains of paperwork oh human resources. As the main protagonist, Jim, you’ll be battling your way through pie chart shooting accountants, avoid getting crushed by frozen assets, and dodge paperwork being thrown at you.

Something I find cute is the way Jim recovers his health, by drinking coffee like all of us do! The Company Man will be released 28 May on Steam, support our local game studio and live your fantasy of beating day-to-day work obstacles!


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