• Jonathan Shiek

A Man In Kedah Was Recorded Riding A Motorcycle Completely Naked And Nobody Knows Why

According to World of Buzz, a man from Kedah was seen riding a motorcycle in Kulim completely NAKED. A local road user recorded a 24 second video of the Kedah man and has seen garnered netizens’ attention on social media. That must’ve been super distracting!

Harian Metro reported that the Kulim District Police Chief, Superintendent Azhar Hashim said that his department did not receive any reports regarding this incident at the time. “However, we have not received a police report from anyone so far and no arrests have been made,” he told Harian Metro.

While the man was actually fully naked, he didn’t seem to be bothered by other road users, he just minded his own business. Azhar Hashim believes that the man is probably intoxicated and drunk, but who’s to say what actually happened. The video has since been made private, but it’s important to note that the video was actually censored (well for the most part).

What do you think actually happened, was he drunk or just enjoys being free and easy?


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