• Jonathan Shiek

A Malaysian Puts His Creativity To The Test

2020 has been full of unfolding events that have affected many of us economically, mentally, and emotionally speaking. Despite the circumstances, one Malaysian man decided to adhere to his creativity which won the people’s hearts for running his own business and serving the iconic IKEA meatballs during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

On a viral tweet showcasing, Malaysians and their personal accomplishments for 2020, Joe from Cheras, shared his small business story delivering IKEA iconic foods.

from this to this Jadi runner IKEA dan collect more than RM30k during PKP in March. Creating jobs kepada lebih 10 orang waktu rmi yg terpaksa duduk rumah xboleh kerja. — 1MillionJoe Store 🇲🇾 (@myjoe_) December 13, 2020

Click here to read more of his story here.


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