• Jonathan Shiek

A List of People Who Did Cringey Things That Made Us LOL on Reddit

Watching cringey stuff is painful, but hilarious. Our eyes are running away from it, our gut is repulsed, maybe even our muscles are involuntarily contracting.

But we can’t help it.

The subreddit r/Cringetopia is a gold mine for this type of content. Members constantly share some of the cringiest things they can find on the Internet, and it just gets more and more entertaining.

#1 This girl who has big regrets

#2 This boy who probably didn’t deserve that internship

#3 This wifey who very obviously forgot that her husband’s on her friends list

#4 This aspiring vine star (in the olden days) who very obviously forgot how delivery instructions work

#5 This very good guy who forgot the people in his church know his grandma

#6 And then the Flat Earthers saying “Ok Boomer” to a distinguished scientist because they can’t actually defend themselves.

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