• Jonathan Shiek

A Foreigner Took It To The Extreme By Wearing A Snorkeling Mask To Get Vaccinated

Just when we thought people are done being creative with their “protections”, this foreigner in Langkawi decided to show up to his vaccination appointment in a snorkeling mask. You can clearly see the modifications done, with a long tube popping above his snorkeling mask which connects to a 5L plastic bottle and an N95 mask fixed on the other end of the tube. Not sure how to feel about this.

Langkawi district health officer, Dr. Mansor Ismail said that he wasn’t sure why the foreigner would do such a thing as he supposedly had no respiratory-related illnesses. People on social media are torn between supporting the foreigner’s “brilliant” invention and making fun of him.

Either way, Malaysia’s cases are getting more and more concerning so I don’t blame him for taking a step towards protecting himself, even if it looks a little ridiculous.

What do you think, is he going overboard with the snorkeling mask or is he a genius for creating it?


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