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A European-themed Theme Park Will Be Opening At Cameron Highlands Soon!

Genting Highlands won’t be the only hilltop with a theme park anymore! Cameron Highlands will be getting its very own ‘European-themed’ theme park by ESCAPE. It will be the largest ESCAPE theme park in Malaysia, spanning across a 60-acre valley with a 1.2km dry-ski-slope, signature rides, and 5 retro-eco European-themed villages which includes the British, Balkan, Iberian, Nordic, and Alpine village.

What’s great about this development is, the theme park will be built with a more “minimalist approach to construction, minimal disturbance to nature, lots of tree planting, minimal use of energy, rainwater harvesting, and lost of recycling initiatives”. It’s great that they are taking a more eco and sustainable route!

Credit: SAYS

According to Sim Choo Kheng, the founder of Sim Leisure Group and ESCAPE Theme Parks, “The conception of these five themed villages leveraged on our expertise in designing and building themed facades across multiple theme parks around the world, including Europe. These themed villages will also feature accommodation and rental offerings, in addition to hosting traditional European pastimes and activities, which will complement the ‘fun factor’ of ESCAPE’s signature Gravityplay and Adventureplay attractions.”

This isn’t the first ESCAPE theme park in Malaysia, I’m sure you’ve heard of ESCAPE’s first water park with the world’s longest slide in Penang and also its challenge park at Paradigm Mall, PJ. If everything goes smoothly, the project should be completed within 15 to 18 months!

Take a look at the concept video here for a sneak peak:

Will you visit the ESCAPE theme park in Cameron Highlands?


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