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84-Year-Old Man Builds Lavish Public Toilet With Air-Conditioner, TV, Water Heater For RM10,000

As someone once said, the toilet is a throne as that is where people do their 'royal business'. This man from Kota Bharu clearly agrees with that term, he decided to build a fancy public toilet that costed him RM10,000.

According to Malay Mail, the 84-year-old man was sick and tired of dirty public restrooms so he furnished the toilet with an air-conditioner, water heater, dressing table, television, and a hot water dispenser for those who want to get a cup of tea or coffee.

The man, Ahmad, who constructed the the lavish restroom also own a petrol station next door, and mentioned that toilet is for the public to use for free. Anyone passing through the town of Melor will be able to use the water heater in the restroom to shower and freshen up.

“We are taught to think that public toilets are dirty and not well maintained and I hope to change that misconception in time,” Ahmad said. Apparently, Ahmad told Kelantan Updates that the idea to upgrade the public toilet came about from interest earned from a bank, which he considered as 'duit haram'. “This money can only be used for certain purposes such as mosques and building toilets. So I used around RM10,000 to furnish the toilet with 35 types of items,” he said.

Besides that, he also added that those who use the restroom will be able to get a discount on items purchased at shops near his petrol station.


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