• Jonathan Shiek

8-Month-Old Baby Recorded As Malaysia’s Youngest Victim To Pass Away From Covid-19

Yesterday (14 July) was the highest recorded Covid-19 cases recorded in Malaysia, with 11.6k cases. Netizens are defeated and unsettled seeing the cases rise day by day without any improvement. Sorry to break it to you, but another sad news was released by the Federal Territory Religious Department (JAWI), an 8-month-old baby just passed away on 12 July due to Covid-19. And this is recorded as Malaysia’s youngest fatality since the pandemic hit our country last year.

JAWI announced the heartbreaking news on their Facebook, “The silence that greeted us on Monday night broke our hearts. We received the remains of the youngest Covid-19 victim, a 38-week-old baby boy, for the first time at the Raudhatul Sakinah Islamic Cemetery KL-Karak, Taman Selaseh.” It is so unfortunate that the little baby boy could only live for 38 weeks.

“May all family members be blessed with strength. If God is willing, this little boy is now waiting for his parents in heaven,” they added.

What’s even sadder is that his mother is still stick in the ICU in critical condition, while his father and 8 other siblings are quarantined at home. We send our condolences to the family and hope that the mother recovers to go home to her family.


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