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75-Yr-Old Man In KL Shares ‘Home’ With Stray Cats In His Car Under The Bridge

It takes someone with a huge heart to be able to take in stray animals and care for them, even when they’re already facing enough struggles of their own. In a Facebook post, Ustaz Ebit Lew shared the story of how a 75-year-old man in KL has been sharing his home with some stray cats, even though for the past two months, his home has been his car that’s parked under a bridge.

“I was shocked to hear that a 75-year-old uncle has been sleeping in a car for two months, under the bridge near the central market. Very good person. He takes care of cats in the car. It’s sad to see this uncle’s condition,” wrote Ustaz Ebit.

Speaking about his own struggles, the elderly uncle broke down in tears, explaining that he has no one to help him because he lived alone. Thankfully, Ustaz Ebit was ready to help the uncle and his cats by providing them with a rented house to live in, just in time for Hari Raya Haji celebrations. Upon realising this, the old man cried even more.

Credits: Ebit Lew (Facebook)

Ustaz Ebit added that he would also buy a fridge, washing machine, and bed for the uncle, who was initially hesitant in accepting Ustaz Ebit’s kind gestures. “The pakcik told me that it’s okay. ‘The house is enough. This is a lot. I’m ashamed. How will I ever repay this’,” wrote Ustaz Ebit.

However, Ustaz Ebit explained to the uncle that he was merely showing him the same kindness that the uncle has been showing to the cats. That’s not all, before leaving them, Ustaz Ebit also made sure he had bought enough cat food for the uncle’s pets.

It’s heartwarming to know that we’re still surrounded by kindhearted people like Ustaz Ebit and the elderly uncle. Hopefully, the universe will be able to find more ways to reward people like these for their generosity and compassion.


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