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72-Year-Old Chinese Bodybuilder Looks Fitter Than Most People In Their Twenties

It can be difficult to stay healthy and fit, especially when you age. But this 72-year-old uncle from China named Yang Xin Min proves us wrong. His recipe for looking young and fit is working out every day and eating balanced meals.

The workout junkie told a Chinese fitness media channel, Change Production, that he goes for yearly checkups. “My doctors say that I don’t look a day over 60. They also said that my bone density is of a 30-year-old.” The elderly man has a pretty strict routine, he usually wakes up when the sun rises and sleeps when the sun sets, for breakfast he eats tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, oatmeal, and chicken breast. He’s stuck to this meal plan for almost 10 years now!

Credit: China News

In an interview with South China Morning Post, the Chinese uncle mentioned that he was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he wanted to have a body like him. He started his training back in 1984, making him one of the first bodybuilders in China. His hardwork paid off when he won the Asian Championship in 1988 and got fourth place in the 2015 Arnold Classic USA for men’s master bodybuilding.

Credit: Change Production

Now, Yang has his morning jogs every day and strength training in the afternoon for an hour and a half. He also said that he has hopes of being a mentor, “I want to recruit apprentices and dream of building a world champion”.


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