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7 Facts About Fragrances You Probably Didn’t Know

Aren’t fragrances just lovely? From their unique and intricate bottle designs right down to the base notes, fragrances has certainly been a staple in captivating our hearts. They pack so much personality in one bottle that you just can’t help but spritz some on before heading out. Not to mention, the confidence that fragrances instills upon you is unlike any other.

That said, can you honestly say that you know everything about perfumes despite using and loving them for years? Chances are, you probably think you do, but here is a list that will prove you wrong as the depth of fragrances go far beyond their scent. As such, here are 7 lesser known facts about fragrances that you probably didn’t know.

1. Moisturizing Before Applying Perfume is a Must

Prior to applying your fav scents all over your sweet spots, you might want to moisturize those areas properly. In doing so, your perfume will actually last much longer as the moisturizer will diffuse much better on moisturized and hydrated skin.

2. Do Not Spray Perfume On Your Hair

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I am sure you may have seen it in some shows or cartoons and you may even have done it yourself. After all, you might want reassure yourself that you smell even better but PLEASE refrain from doing so. You see, perfumes contain alcohol and special oils which, when sprayed on your hair will cause extreme dryness thus leading to scalp irritation and maybe even dandruff.

3. Rubbing On Your Wrists is a No-No

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If you’re stuck in the habit of rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume on them, for the love of all things that are holy, STOP! Perfumes are a very delicate and complex combination of scents that are defined by 3 primary notes which are: top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

By rubbing your wrists together, you completely destroy all three of those notes and alter the scent completely. This is because the friction caused by rubbing your wrists together increases the interaction between the fragrance and your skin’s natural oils, which ends up distorting the scent.

It is honestly super triggering when I see people who purchase those hyper-expensive luxury perfumes like ‘Creed Aventus’ and commit fragrance blasphemy by rubbing in the scent.

4. Always Apply Fragrances on Pulse Points

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Rather than wasting your precious perfume by dousing yourself in it, try to target certain points in your body which increase the effect of the fragrance. These points are known as pulse points and they radiate heat, which in turn, helps your perfume radiate into the air. They are located on your inner wrists, base of your neck, behind your earlobes, and your inner elbows. No, your armpits are not pulse points so please stop spraying it there.

As a matter of fact, spraying your expensive perfumes on your armpits is not just a waste, it also makes you smell even worse due the musty smell your underarms give off combined with the intensity of the perfume.

5. The Same Scent Will Smell Different on Other People

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When you apply perfume, the oils in the perfume will get mixed in with your own and therefore give off a different scent. Now that is the general understanding of it, but did you also know that the environment and your diet actually plays a huge role in how your perfume smells on you as compared to others? Well now you probably know why some of your friends still loathe your scent despite you using some of the best perfumes on the market.

6. Give Your Nose a Break

While you’re shopping for new fragrances, it would be wise to not suffocate your self with too many scents at one point as your nose won’t be able to distinguish the different scents. The rule of thumb here, is to avoid trying more than three perfumes in a row. You can also clear up your nasal passage by taking a deep breath against your shirt or use the bowl of coffee beans that most perfume shops will have on hand.

7. Women’s Fragrances Aren’t Just For Women

If you want to wear Chanel No.5, then by all means. Do not let the marketing of the perfume define what you should or shouldn’t wear. After all, you should pick the fragrances that are the most suited for you and that you love. This also applies to women as well.


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