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65-Year Old Man Takes SPM For the First Time

To some of us, trying something new can be absolutely terrifying… but what are we afraid of? Is it the fear that we may not succeed if we try it? Or perhaps it is the fear that we will be judged by others?

Whatever it may be, Salman Ahmad does not seem to be afraid of it. The 65-year old man recently sat for the SPM exam as he wanted to prove to society that age should not be a barrier in pursuit of knowledge. He stated “I also want to set an example and be a motivation to my grandchildren. Age is no barrier to learning as seeking knowledge is a lifelong process,”

Credits: Utusan

The former deputy director of Tourism Malaysia initially took the Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE) back in 1973 when all the subjects were in English. Following that, he went on to study Public Administration in Institut Teknologi MARA.

Salman intended to challenge himself by taking the SPM as well and he did so with the support of his family. He added, “My family gave me a lot of support and encouragement. I’m not shy. I’m not surprised by what other people say. As the saying goes, you’re never too old to learn”.

During his free time, Salman attended classes online along with tutoring from his younger brother who works as a teacher. He also went out of his way to purchase some revision books to further prepare himself for the examination.

Credits: Bernama

Salman Ahmad is truly an inspiration to us all. No matter what people say, no matter what the obstacle and no matter what the challenge, we must never falter, in our pursuit for greater knowledge.


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