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61-Yr-Old Malaysian Uncle Takes Care And Feeds 40 Over Stray Dogs While Adopting A Few

Due to the pandemic and extended lockdown, there seems to be an increasing number of stray dogs on the streets. And sadly, even with more people getting pets during the “stay at home” period, people are not adopting or rescuing strays.

Well, thankfully for this 61-year-old Samaritan, he has been out and about taking care and feeding these stray dogs. Malaysian uncle, Lee, was initially prompted by his wife and now travels to 5 different spots around Kota Kemuning to carry out his daily routine of feeding the strays every evening. Despite doing this alone, Lee cooks 4kgs of rice mixed with meat every day with the help of sponsorships.

Credit: Mashable

Credit: Mashable

It’s so wholesome when the dogs actually recognise Lee’s car whenever he drops by to feed them! He also tends to these stray dogs needs by giving deworming meds, and also take injured dogs to the vet to treat serious injuries. Unfortunately, he sometimes find puppies disappearing which led his family and friends to help out by putting puppies up for adoption. To avoid overpopulation, they also bring in female dogs to get spayed.

Credit: Mashable

“It’s sad and frustrating to see the puppies you have been feeding, suddenly stop coming to eat. Every time the mother dog gives birth to a new batch (puppies), they either fall sick or die in an accident,” said Lee.

Credit: Mashable

Kind hearted Lee even adopted 4 of the strays (Mr. Bob, Coco, Rose, and Royce), 2 of which were survivors from a previous pack he calls the “Petronas Station” batch, which were rescued during the second MCO on 13 January this year. This makes my heart full, to see people actively trying to protect animals and care for them.

Let’s adopt and not shop!


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