• Jonathan Shiek

6 Surefire Ways to Reduce Your Stink

Have you ever wondered why people avoid you like the plague? No, I don’t mean like avoid socializing with you, but more along the lines of physically avoiding you. Well I am sorry to say this but it is probably because you have a rather bad body odor (BO).

You might feel a bit taken aback by this statement but its true. More often than not, individuals with bad BO will not be able to smell it as they have gotten used to their own smell. So what can you do to combat your putrid stench and get close to people?

Well here are 6 ways you can do so!

1. Shower Regularly

Yes you obviously shower everyday and you might be questioning the validity of this article right now. BUT hang on just a second here. I don’t mean just standing under the shower head and let the water pour over you. By no means can you consider that a proper shower. I mean actually scrubbing yourself, your underarms, and your nether regions thoroughly with soap.

In doing so, you will be able to get rid of the sweat and bacteria that has accumulated all over your skin. You see, sweat by itself is practically odorless but when it is mixed with the bacteria that lives on your skin, the actually tend to emit a rather unholy aroma.

2. Use an Antibacterial Soap

While we’re on the topic of showering with soap, try using an antibacterial soap rather than those fruity and floral kinds. Oh and try to stay away for soaps that are branded as ‘cooling’ as the menthol in such soaps actually amplifies your stench over time.

As the name suggests, antibacterial soaps removes most of the bacteria build up on your skin.

3. Dry Yourself Thoroughly After Your Shower

Remember, bacteria absolutely loves wet and damp areas. So after you finish your shower make sure that you dry off every inch of your body. I know most of us are rather lazy to do so but spending just an extra minute drying off your body can make a whole world of difference. If your skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria that cause body odor to breed on it.

Here’s an extra tip, make sure to dry your taint, underarms and inner-joints very very well as these are the hotspots where bacteria absolutely loves to breed.

4. Use ‘Industrial Strength’ Antiperspirants

Once you have cleaned and toweled yourself off PROPERLY, use a strong antiperspirant on your underarms. These antiperspirants have aluminum chloride which helps prevent your sweat from overstaying its welcome in your underarms.

Use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Additionally, make sure that the deodorant itself is odorless as one with a scent could potentially make you smell worse.

5. Keep Your Clothes Clean

Please for the love of all things that are good and sweet, wash your clothes regularly. If you have perspired in them, place them to wash immediately the moment you get home. Please don’t reuse them the following day as well.

Fresh clothes keep your body odor down whereas your old sweaty and stinky apparels amplify your stench almost ten-fold.

6. Control Your Diet

Your diet actually plays a huge role in your body odor. Foods that make you sweat a lot like chili could make you smell even more. Even consuming onions and garlic could make your body smell exactly like it whereas downing drinks with caffeine and alcohol could also attribute to your foul smell.


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