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5 Useful Apps You Should Download This Ramadan

Ramadan has started, which means Muslims all around the world are going to be fasting, praying and practicing good deeds to be closer to God during the holy month. While it may be challenging for some devotees, fortunately there’s always technology to make things easier, even for Ramadan!

Here are some helpful mobile apps you should try out this Ramadan!

1. Ramadan Checklist

Credits: Ramadan Checklist

The Ramadan Checklist app helps users to keep track of their deeds, such as the number of prayers one has performed, the number of tasbihs, surah and dua recited, hadith, and even charity works. Users simply need to check the available boxes to keep track of their deeds.

And for devotees who are new to Ramadan practices, the app also teaches you how to pray, and provides essential dua such as for Iftar, for Ramadan as well as morning and evening dua.

2. Ramadan Recipes

Credits: Ramadan Recipes

This app could be a godsend to all the chefs out there who often fuss about what to cook for sahur and iftar during Ramadan. The Ramadan Recipes app provides a compilation of delicious recipes from all around the world that cater to the Ramadan theme!

There are even recipes for desserts and appetizers so you can truly feast like a king everyday during the holy month.

3. Zero Fasting

Credits: Zero Fasting

As the name suggests, Zero Fasting is here to make fasting easier for you, especially when you are on a diet. The app provides tips for weight management while fasting to help users reach their weight goals and keep track of their fasting journey at the same time!

The app also comes with expert guidance, so users can rest assured knowing that their health is in good hands. Moreover, Zero Fasting is compatible with Apple Health to monitor users’ weight, resting heart rate and sleep patterns – talk about a comprehensive health app!

4. Muslim Go

Credits: Muslim Go

Muslim Go is definitely an app to make your Ramadan journey more fulfilling and meaningful as it offers a wide variety of useful Islamic content as well as exclusive interviews with various renowned Malaysian ustaz to ensure that users will learn something new everyday.

And the best part is, users can even create your own Ramadan postcard and save it on your phone to be sent to your friends and relatives – how cool is that?!

5. Muslim Tales (Tales of Prophet)

Credits: Muslim Tales

Now here’s something for kids who are looking to understand more about the culture and history of Islam, such as tales that are inspired by the Quran, teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith to educate children of all ages.

Kids can benefit from the app’s engaging narration that are available in seven different languages, as well as captivating visuals and fun games to motivate them to learn more about their religion.

What about you? Do you have a favourite Ramadan app that was not mentioned in this list? Let us know!


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