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5 Snacks That Will Send You Back in Time

We all have our favorite snacks that we used to have during break time at the canteen or at the school gates after school and at times when we can recall them, we are hit with a wave of nostalgia that launches us into a sense of longing for a mere taste of said snacks.

Well have you heard the expression, ‘Heroes never die… they are reborn as legends!’ Such is the case with some of our favorite local snacks that has seemingly faded into obscurity. But true to the saying, they are now being reborn and I can’t express how excited I am to give them a try yet again.

So here are 5 of the most popular snacks back in the day which will leave you salivating for a taste.

1. Ice Ball

Credits: Free Malaysia Today

Now this treat transcends even my childhood as it dates back even during the colonial times but its popularity certainly stands the test of time as it is still currently available today. Though, mostly in tourist hotspots like Penang or Ipoh.

Ice Ball, or “ais kepal” as it is more commonly known, is simply shaved ice that has been shaped into a ball and flavoured with rose syrup. Nowadays, you can get this tasty treat in all sorts of flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and even Milo.

So you can say goodbye to those overpriced ‘Kakigori’ or ‘Bingsu’ cause the real OG of shaved ice is back (never actually left) and it is here to stay.

2. Bottled Soft Drinks

Credits: Free Malaysia Today

If you think that McDonald’s has ‘the best’ Coke then I am a hundred percent sure that you have never tried an icy cold Coke from a glass bottle.

There is certainly something truly magical about gulping down a cold one from the bottle and its not limited to just Coke. Many other soft drink brands such as Kickapoo and 7-Up also taste rather different when consumed from a glass bottle.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places that sell these bottled beverages anymore but every now and then, you might stumble across one or two at an old ‘kedai runcit’ near your housing area.

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Credits: 9Gag

This one hits different. It really does. There is absolutely nothing better than racing out of school when the bell rings just to be the first to buy your own ‘roti ice cream’ from the ice cream uncle waiting outside the school gate.

Our afternoons were always amplified when we devoured one of these delectable treats with our friends, plus it is super cheap too. Part of the experience with the ice cream sandwich was making friends with the ice cream man in hopes that he would give you an extra scoop for free (we all did it don’t lie).

4. White Rabbit Candy


One of the most memorable items on this list is definitely the White Rabbit Candy. This milk based candy was honestly not all that great in terms of taste or texture… and yet people still love it.

Why? Simply because of the nifty fact that you can eat the candy with its paper wrapping. Imagine actually getting away with eating paper in front of your parents! Why just the thought of eating paper would have landed me with a good butt whopping but the White Rabbit Candy used a rice paper wrapping in its inner wrapping which is completely edible.

Who else didn’t eat the candy without trying to fake that you were dying due to ‘paper poisoning’.

Nowadays, you can actually find these candies anywhere and if you are looking for something a little more unique, many places are incorporating this candy into their desserts too so don’t be surprised to find White Rabbit Candy flavoured ice creams or liquor.

5. Ice Lollies 

Credits: Jewelpie

We Malaysian’s sure do love our frozen treats don’t we? Well we should, as the climate is doing us no favors in helping us stay cool. Thankfully, we have our ice lollies!

There is really nothing special about these ice lollies as it is simply made up of flavoured ice packed in plastic tubes and yet, you would commonly find droves of students hounding the canteen and ice cream man for their ice lolli fix.

Perhaps the price might have something to do with it? After all, it only costs students a mere 30-50 sen for the treat. Well in any case, one thing is for sure, its growing hard to find nowadays so if you happen to stumble across one, be sure to pick it up!


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