• Jonathan Shiek

5 Of the Best Foods For Men

There is no denying the genetical structure of men and women are very different and in turn, this results in males and females requiring different nutritional needs. Much like how women eat certain foods that can help them with pregnancy or prevent breast cancer, men also require different foods that can help them maintain muscle mass and prevent them from developing prostate cancer.

Therefore, we have identified some of the best foods that men should consume for the betterment of their overall health:

1. Oysters

Yes we all know the saying – “Oysters are an aphrodisiac” and there is actually some truth to it as consuming oysters increases your sperm count and improve the males overall sexual prowess while also preventing prostate cancer. This is because oysters are packed filled with zinc. Zinc is actually very crucial to your system as it is involved in hundreds of body processes, from producing DNA to repairing cells.

That said, if you aren’t too inclined on consuming oysters, you can also opt for other shellfish or lean meats.

2. Bananas

Bananas are literally the best portable source of a quick energy boost. They are also a great way to get your potassium fill for the day. Potassium is needed in your system to regulate nerves, heartbeat and, blood pressure.

In addition, bananas also helps reduce your chances of a stroke while boosting your immune system. So the next time you need a quick bite to start you day, grab yourself a ‘potassium in a peel’.

3. Fatty Fish

No, we don’t mean fish that has been soaking in butter. We’re talking about fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. Consuming fish like these can help with blood circulation, boost your immune system, and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It is one heck of a superfood.

Foods that contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids also serve as anti-inflammatory foods, which means that it can help you gym-goers reduce the aches and sores you feel after an intense workout.

4. Broccoli

While most vegetables are generally good for men and women alike, the humble broccoli stands out for having high concentrations of sulphoraphane which prevents prostate and colon cancer. Consumption of broccoli also prevents the development of bladder cancer which according to a study at Harvard, affects two to three times as many men as women.

5. Brazil Nuts

These big boys are packed with magnesium and selenium which are powerful antioxidants that prevents heart disease and cancer while also boosting prostate health. It is recommended that male adults should consume no more than two nuts a day (heh) because they are so jam-packed with concentrated selenium that you might overdose on it.


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